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What You Need to Know about Investing in Retirement Target-Date Funds

As you invest for retirement, you have several different options. One option you should consider is a target-date fund. These products are mutual fund or exchange-traded funds that are structured to optimize asset growth along a pre-established timeline. When you invest in a target-date fund, you choose the date you plan to retire and the… Continue Reading

Should You Reinvest If Your Retirement Nest Egg Is Too Big?

If you have more money saved for retirement than you will need, you can reinvest some of it to maximize your legacy to your heirs Continue Reading

6 Signs You May Run out of Money in Retirement

While these six red flags do not mean you will go bankrupt in retirement, they are a sign you need to reevaluate your budget. Continue Reading

What You Need to Know about Repaying Debts before and during Retirement

For many people, retiring without debt is not realistic. If this is the case for you, you will need to be strategic. Continue Reading

Are You Saving Enough Money Now to Pay for Healthcare in Retirement?

Retirement healthcare expenses are often much higher than people predict. Plan ahead to avoid running out of money. Continue Reading

What You Need to Know about Investing in Dividend Stocks for Retirement

Dividend stocks can provide additional income during retirement, but it is important to understand the unique risks of these investments. Continue Reading

Here Are 5 Often-Unexpected Taxes You May Face during Retirement

Many retirees end up paying more in taxes than they expect due to these common tax traps. Continue Reading

You Should Know These 5 Differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds

Retirement investors often find themselves choosing between ETFs and mutual funds. While they seem similar, there are key differences. Continue Reading

Does It Make Sense to Refinance Your Mortgage While Retired?

Because of low interest rates, many people are tempted to refinance their mortgage, but this is not always a good choice if you are retired. Continue Reading

Consider These 5 Key Directives as You Engage in Estate Planning

Preparing for retirement involves estate planning. Consider these five directives as you work through your estate plan. Continue Reading